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An online presence made easy. We focus on the tech so that you don’t have to.

With our shared hosting services, your business has all the tools it needs to build an online presence and get a website up and running, simply and affordably.  We’re now a part of the Total Server Solutions family of brands so all of our hosting services utilize the global footprint and high performance infrastructure of Total Server Solutions

Web Hosting Packages

$6.95/ month

Perfect starter plan to get your website or blog going

› 1x Resource Allocation
› 5 GB storage
› Unlimited Bandwidth
› Backups Every 12 Hours
› 24/7 Support
› Up to 5 Add-On Domains
› Free SSL Certificate via cPanel
› Powered by Total Server Solutions
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$36.95/ month

Take your business to the next level

› 4x Resource Allocation
› 25 GB storage
› Unlimited Bandwidth
› Backups Every 12 Hours
› 24/7 Support
› Unlimited Add-On Domains
› RapidSSL Certificate Included
› Powered by Total Server Solutions
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$56.95/ month

Full-on features without breaking the bank

› 8x Resource Allocation
› 50 GB storage
› Unlimited Bandwidth
› Backups Every 12 Hours
› 24/7 Support
› Unlimited Add-On Domains
› RapidSSL Certificate Included
› Powered by Total Server Solutions
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What is shared hosting?

Shared web hosting is one of the most common forms of hosting available today and is where most businesses usually start their online adventures. Essentially, it involves your site “sharing” a slice of a single server with other users, leveraging its resources (CPU, RAM and hard drive space) to keep your web presence online and humming along.

Those are the technicals in a nutshell. A little over your head? Not a problem. Remember, at ExpressHosting, we cover the technology so that you don’t have to.

Who is it for?

Shared hosting is perfect for businesses or bloggers that are just starting out online. It’s an affordable option that covers all the basics. Many businesses with simpler set-ups will never see the need to move beyond shared hosting.

Shared hosting highlights

  • Everything you need from an online presence: From domains to storage, email to backups. Our hosting meets all your requirements and then some.
  • Awesome support 24/7: With our own equipment, under the direct supervision of our on-site team of experts, we offer unmatched support and rapid response and resolution. After all, we know just how important this is to your business.
  • WordPress ready: Get your website up and running on the world’s most popular content management system in a flash.
  • Killer performance: High quality web hosting powered by our enterprise grade servers and connected with a high speed Cisco based network. You can count on us to have you online, all the time.

The ExpressHosting experience

  • Fully customizable options
  • Serious technical expertise
  • Customer service that can’t be beat
  • Proprietary infrastructure managed in-house

Don’t see a package that’s just right?

We know that customers come in all shapes and sizes. So we’ve thrown the cookie cutter out the window! Every business is unique. So why should your hosting plan be the same as everyone else’s? If our plans above don’t meet your specific needs, contact us and we’ll work together to create a custom package that is just right.

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