Virtual Private Servers

You tell us what you need from your VPS. Not the other way around.

Giving you greater control at an affordable price, virtual private servers allow you to customize your hosting environment as you see fit.

VPS Packages

$14.99/ month
1 CPU cores
15GB storage
300GB bandwidth
24/7 support
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$29.99/ month
2 CPU cores
30GB storage
600GB bandwidth
24/7 support
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$49.99/ month
4 CPU cores
60GB storage
1.2TB bandwidth
24/7 support
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What are virtual private servers?

Virtual private servers (or VPS for short) create slices of physical servers that appear both in configuration and the operating system as individual servers. This allows users to have full control over their environment to set things up exactly how they want them. Get all the power of a dedicated server, without the high price tag.

Who are they for?

VPS hosting solutions are ideal for businesses with larger sites, higher traffic volumes and greater resource requirements than a shared hosting plan can comfortably or efficiently accommodate.

VPS hosting highlights

  • Awesome support 24/7:We own all of our equipment and it’s under the direct supervision of our in-house team of technical experts. This allows us to offer you the level of support and rapid response times you need from your web host.
  • Fast and reliable network:Our Cisco based network boasts over eight different network connections to the internet. Thanks to a team that has the knowledge to expertly manage a modern data center, with ExpressHosting you enjoy the ultimate in security and reliability.
  • Supermicro® brand hardware:We’ve personally designed our hardware from the ground up to give you the rock solid performance and stability you need right from the get-go.
  • Your server, your way:Configure your virtual server just the way you want it. Tweak every setting for maximum performance, because you are in control.

Don’t see a package that’s just right?

Our virtual private servers are highly flexible. If you don’t see a package that is just the right fit for your needs, contact us about creating your own personalized set-up. We will customize a VPS to meet your exact requirements and grow with you as you grow.

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