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Stop spinning your wheels searching for solutions. We’ve got the answers you need.

Let’s make the most of your technology infrastructure and tackle the problems that are holding back your business with the right IT solutions. At ExpressHosting, we are so much more than just a hosting provider. Think of us as your partner in technology.

Web Application Development

Leverage our knowledge and expertise. With extensive application development experience in PHP, JavaScript, and HTML including more advanced lower level languages including C and now Go, let us cover all your web application needs. From the simple to the massively complex, we have the tools and the experience to take your project from the drawing board to final production.

E-Commerce Consulting

E-commerce is a daunting process that can overwhelm most everyone. You’re not alone if you’re feeling in a little over your head. We have helped hundreds of customers manage every step of the e-commerce process. Let us help you navigate the ins and outs of PCI compliance, merchant accounts, and shopping cart applications, integrating everything into a seamless process. Making sales is hard enough. Collecting money doesn’t have to be.

Cloud Services Consulting

Working within the cloud can be tricky. Let ExpressHosting help you navigate your way through the clouds. From Amazon Web Services to OpenStack, ExpressHosting has the expertise to help you extract the maximum potential of the latest cloud technology. Providing the ultimate in flexibility, stability, and power cloud services has to offer your company.

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