Cloud Hosting

Our cloud comes in two flavors – public cloud for a cost effective, powerful solution for simpler requirements and a full-on private cloud for the ultimate in cloud hosting control. Based on the powerful Openstack platform, coupled with our stellar support and expertise, you can easily put the cloud to work for you!

Web Hosting

ExpressHosting provides high quality, high performance shared web hosting services. Getting your online presence up and running with us is a simple, quick process – no technical skills required.

Virtual Private Servers

With greater control at an affordable price, virtual private servers allow you to fully manage your server and customize your hosting solution to your exact needs.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are custom built to ensure that you get exactly what you need to run your site. From single server configurations to complex load balanced and high availability clusters, we can create a solution ideally suited to your requirements and your budget.

Consulting Services

So much more than just hosting. If you need support with web application development or figuring out how to optimally set up your e-commerce processes, we can help to make it happen.

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