We’re now part of Total Server Solutions

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Express Web Systems customers are in for a bit of an upgrade in service and technical capacity.  If you’re currently a customer, you know that Express Web Systems is now part of the Total Server Solutions family of brands.  As a part of this transition, Tom Walsh, founder of Express Web Systems has joined the Total Server Solutions Team.  All Express Web Systems customers will be rolled into the existing Total Server Solutions customer portal & systems.


Total Server Solutions


So far, the Total Server Solutions team has worked hard to make certain the entire process has been completely transparent and seamless to customer operations and servicing of accounts.  However, due to the fact that customer account details have been migrated to the TSS portal, there will be some changes necessary in how customers access support and billing related functions.

As of this post, the task of bringing all account, service, and billing detail into the Total Server Solutions customer portal is nearly complete.  However, the TSS team is not done quite yet, but progress is moving forward as quickly as possible..

If you are an Express Web Systems customer, you will have received at least two messages mentioning what will change and what will stay the same after this transition is completed.


We’re including a brief FAQ here to help answer any questions that customers may have at this time.  As always, should there be any questions, please contact sales@totalserversolutions.com to get the answers you need.


Q:  Why will my account be serviced by another company?

A:   The management at Express Web Systems have worked with the Total Server Solutions team extensively in the past and have built a strong relationship.  With that in mind, as well as the long relationship between the team at Express Web Systems and Total Server Solutions, the decision was made to migrate your service to Total Server Solutions.  Express Web Systems is entirely confident that the TSS team will provide exceptional service and attention to detail well into the future.  They’re a stable, professional, and passionate company and they have always put their customers first.


Q:  Will my pricing change?

A:  No.  Your pricing and service will stay exactly as they are with Express Web Systems.


Q:  Will my customer portal information change?

A:  Yes.  You will login to the Total Server Solutions customer portal.  You will have to reset your password upon your first login.  As mentioned above, when you login after March 30, 2017, simply click the “Reset My Password” button.  We will send a URL and username once the migration process is complete.


Q:  Will my IPs stay the same?

A:  Yes.  Your IPs will remain the same and will not change.


Q:  Will my equipment be moved to a different datacenter?

A:  No.  Your hardware will remain in place where it currently resides.


Q:  Will my data be migrated to new hardware?

A:  No.  You will be utilizing the exact same hardware, your data will not be moved from one machine to another.  There will be zero downtime associated with this change.


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