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PayPal IPN 406 Errors – Character Encoding Failure

Posted by Tom Walsh | Comments Off on PayPal IPN 406 Errors – Character Encoding Failure

Are you getting PayPal IPN 406 Errors and don’t know why? We recently encountered this same exact problem on our billing system.

PayPal IPN 406 Errors
So what exactly does the HTTP 406 error actually mean? Well in the HTTP 1.1 specification it means “Not Acceptable” – “The requested resource is capable of generating only content not acceptable according …

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Important Security Updates

Posted by Tom Walsh | Comments Off on Important Security Updates


So today it seems all we have been doing is updating our servers. Sometimes, it seems like they all come at once.

So here are some of the more important security issues that have come to light in the last day or so:

OpenSSL CVE-2016-2108: This one combines an older bug that was discovered last April 2015, with a newer bug that causes the …

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Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Changes

Posted by Tom Walsh | Comments Off on Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Changes

Here at ExpressHosting, Cloud Hosting is our newest technology. As such we are always working to improve its performance. Here are some of the updates we have made recently to the ExpressHosting cloud.

DNS Integration for VMs When you create a new VM (this only applies to instances created from today forward), the hostname of the VM will be added to the…

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