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Is there anything more important than getting killer customer service from your web host? We don’t think so. And that’s why we strive to provide client support that is second to none.

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The hardware your site is running on, no matter which plan you’re on, is designed from the ground up by our team of experts to give beyond dependable performance and stability from day one. One less thing to worry about.


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Customized Plans & Services

We’ve thrown the cookie cutter out the window! At ExpressHosting, we know that every business is unique. We have the know-how, the skills and the infrastructure to create just the hosting plan you need.

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About Us

ExpressHosting offers high quality web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Starting out with just a single shared server back in 2001, we have grown to over 100 servers and multiple locations through out the United States. We do things a little differently here at ExpressHosting and we pride ourselves on our approach to hosting and IT management.

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Products & Services

Public Cloud Powered By ExpressHosting

Cloud Services

Ready to move your business into the cloud? Choose our cloud solution for a budget friendly, simple first step into the cloud.
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Web Hosting

Every business, no matter how small, needs an online presence. Get yours up and running quickly, easily and affordably with our high performance shared hosting services.
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Virtual Private Servers

Time to take a step up from shared hosting? Virtual private servers give you a cost-effective option for controlling and customizing your hosting set-up to meet your specific requirements.
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Dedicated Servers

When nothing short of complete control and customization will do. With our dedicated servers, you can stop focusing on your infrastructure and start focusing on what matters most – your business.
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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Have IT demands that go beyond hosting? Whether you need support with application development or have e-commerce considerations to deal with, we’re raring to share our expertise with you.
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We’re not your typical web hosting provider.

Shared hosting really is just the beginning here at ExpressHosting. There’s so much more to what we do, day in and day out, for our customers around the globe. If it’s IT savvy you need, we’re here to help you determine and then develop the smartest, most cost effective solution for your business. Even the most complex technical problem won’t stump us.

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